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Understanding condo economics and why they can be more affordable

Real estate ownership is one of the lowest investment risks and condominium real estate is no different. Condominiums are a different form of real estate ownership but equally secure and constantly improving. As city populations grow single-family detached home ownership is less sustainable. More and more people are opting into condo ownership and in most […]

Buying a condo is more affordable and risk free than it’s ever been

Through the years the negative issues connected to condo ownership have been and a continually being ironed out. Condo management and condo fees are tightly regulated to protect owners.  Gone are the days were boards and management can raise fees without justification. Condo management and condo fees are tightly regulated to protect owners Condominium owners need the […]

Stronger protections for new condo buyers

Service Alberta / /Oct 12, 2017 New rules will help better protect Albertans when buying a condo. A new home is the largest purchase most Albertans will make, and today the government approved new regulations that will better protect Albertans’ investments. “Albertans deserve to be protected when making a big purchase like a home […]